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Pastor’s Perspective

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Pastor Marla Amborn
Office: 651-583-2340
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June 2017

Our Surprising God


Over the past few weeks my husband, Randy, has been writing a gospel song about God’s miracles. It has been interesting having a front-row seat to this creative process. Through it, he has delved into the scriptures to study situations throughout the Bible when God intervened in miraculous ways on behalf of his people.

Think of how God cared for his people in the wilderness, providing them with manna and quail. Or how Ezekiel came upon a valley of dry bones and with God’s power got them to take on flesh and return to life. Consider the many acts of healing that Jesus performed. As we read through many miracles in the Bible together it reminded me of the life-giving and life-affirming power of God.

As God’s people, we have access to God’s amazing power. God works in our lives for our good. God works in our situations to bring about healing and wholeness.

But God also allows the consequences of people’s actions to play out. For example, when the Israelites strayed from him, forgot him, and began worshipping other gods, he sent prophets to warn them to change their evil ways. When they didn’t change, he allowed the Babylonians to take them into captivity.

Sometimes God allows difficult situations to occur and uses them for good, such as when the first century church faced persecution. Many new Christians became martyrs for the faith. As people fled persecution, they spread out around the globe, bringing the gospel message of love and salvation to distant shores.

So how is God at work in our world and in our lives today? God is walking with us day by day. God is intimately aware of our situations, supporting us through them. God responds to our prayers. As a congregation, God has been supporting our ministry over the last 130 years. He continues to be with us, leading us into a future filled with hope. Sometimes it is hard to understand God’s ways, but God works to bring about life and salvation.

I expect that there will be an opportunity to play/sing Randy’s new gospel song in worship sometime soon. In the meantime, I invite you to watch for God at work in your life and in the world today. Pray that God might reveal his will to you and give you the power to do it. Notice his power of love working for good. Notice him bringing good from evil – and give thanks.

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