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Church Council Minutes 10/1/2017

Meeting Called to order 7:06pm by President Steve Peterson.

Present: Bob Stirling, Steve Peterson, Don Noyes, Diane Rothe, Lynn Schultz, Royce Chinander, Pastor Marla, Shannon Lindgren. Absent: Dana Johnson

MSP to approve September Council Meeting Minutes.

Devotions led by Pastor Marla

Old Business

Shared Ministry - On September 23rd the congregation completed service pro-jects for God's Work Our hands. Thank you to all who contributed to make this a success you are all greatly appreciated. On September 30th, Lynn Schultz and Pastor Marla the celebration for God's Work Our Hands at Trinity Lutheran Church In Lindstrom. Lynn and Pastor Marla supplied the sloppy joes for the dinner and did a presentation on our work completed. Pat , Randy, Mark, and Momoh were part of the band/choral music that received wonderful compliments. The 5 area congregations came together to learn more about each other and the service pro-jects they do through out the year.

Council prep for Almelund Sampler- Council Members are still working on reaching out to local business to receive donations. Completed the list of duties to be done during the Sampler.

Website Development- Jared Randell will be coming to complete a live walk through on the website.

Tanzania Mission Trip 2019- At this point we do not have confirms to go on the trip due to conflicts. We need the confirmation if you would like to go so we can confirm with St. Steven's.

Synod Stewardship Dinner - Don, Lynn, Mark Weslander and Pastor Marla will attend this dinner at All Saints Lutheran Church in Cottage Grove, Oct.8

New Business

Cemetery Council will be researching and reviewing the policy for the cemetery.

Non-member Wedding Request- There has been a request to have a non- member wedding at Immanuel in August, 2019. MSP that if Pastor Marla is not available (because of Tanzania trip) an ordained minister could perform the ceremony at Immanuel. Marriage counseling sessions would be required and a wedding coordinator from Immanuel would need to be present at the rehearsal and ceremony. Diane Rothe volunteered to do this.


Financial Report- In August, $15,000 was withdrawn from the Thrivent invest-ments held for Emergency Fund use and moved to the General Fund. $5,000 was authorized for use in August and has been used to pay expenses. MSP that an additional $5,000 be authorized for expenses at this time. That leaves a balance of $5,000 of Emergency Funds within the General Fund. This is the end of the third quarter so the Undesignated Benevolence will be distributed. Steve will meet with Stephanie to determine this.


Pastor's Report- We have 5 children that are in confirmation. The majority of the confirmed are coming back for the youth group.

Property—The heater was not working upstairs. Scandia Heating came to look at. The control board was not working so they had to order a new one. The tem-perature will be at a steady temperature until the part is replaced.

Membership—It is exciting that we have some new members joining Immanuel.

Stewardship- November 11th will be the Stewardship potluck dinner. Justin Grim will be giving the sermon on Stewardship.

Communion and Secure Offering

November 4th - Royce Chinander, Diane Rothe, Shannon Lindgren

November 18th - Bob Stirling, Don Noyes, Steve Peterson

November 20th - Lynn Schultz

Closed with the Lord's Prayer. MSP to adjourn 9:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Shannon Lindgren, Council Secretary



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