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Meeting Called to order 7:00pm by President Steve Peterson

Present: Bob Stirling, Steve Peterson, Don Noyes, Dana Johnson, Lynn Schultz, Royce Chinander, Pastor Marla, Shannon Lindgren

Absent: Diane Rothe

MSP to approve November Council meeting minutes.

Devotions and opening prayer led by Pastor Marla.

Old Business

New Mom's Group - Dana Johnson will be going to the Christian Store to obtain more resources to move forward to start the group.

Cemetery question - Steve Peterson is in the process of researching govern-ance of the cemetery. It should be determined whether there are already sepa-rate by-laws for the cemetery or if it should be part of the church by-laws which may require updates.

Vision 20/20 - Year of Renewal, a program through the Synod, was discussed. This program will help guide us further with Vision 20/20 which has been very beneficial and useful. This program should aid Immanuel in becoming a more vibrant, welcoming place for all and it is hoped insights to engage young people and families will be gained. Funds will come from the Youth and Young Family account. The program will be 3 Saturdays, half a day, meeting with other churches and the Immanuel team would meet monthly. MSP has approved the fee of $500.00 if a team of 6-7 people can be assembled. Pastor Marla is working on this.

Banking Charges - Steve Peterson went to Lakes Area bank and discussed the charges for the checking account statements. They agreed to waive all the $3.00 fees for the statements received via the mail.

2019 Intent for Benevolence for St. Paul Area Synod - The Synod requested that we give the an amount of our monetary donation for next year. MSP to ap-prove a donation of $8,000.00 for 2019. This is a reduction of $1,000 from 2018.

American Red Cross - We will be hosting the blood drive Thursday, February 21, 2019 1-7 pm in our fellowship hall. We will need some volunteers to help assist in checking people in and out.

New Business

Building Request - Gwen Swanson requested the dining room and kitchen on January 5, 2019 from 8:30am to 5:00pm 4-H All Day PJ Workshop. MSP ap-proved.

2019 Annual Meeting Agenda -Planning began of the agenda for the February 10, 2019 Annual Meeting. The agenda will be finalized at January's meeting.

Luther Point Delegate- The Luther Point annual meeting will be held on February 10, 2019, the same day as Immanuel's annual meeting. Pastor Marla is working on delegates to represent us at the meeting.


Tanzania Scholarship - Our Youth Group and a couple from the congregation have been sponsoring 3 high school students from Tanzania. The couple from the congregation is no longer sponsoring. The amount of the sponsorship is $450.00 per student totaling $1,350.00. Congregation has donated $150.00 so far and youth group has donated $450.00. Remaining amount for donation is $900.00. Envelopes will be included in the bulletins the next 2 Sundays so the congregation can continue to contribute. MSP approved to cover any short fall using money from the Tithing Beyond Our Walls fund.


Financial - MSP approved. All bills are paid current at this time.

Pastor's Report- The church will be hosting a benefit concert for Momoh on Sun-day January 13, 2019 at 2pm. This will be to help contribute to the costs of him becoming a citizen.

The church has been using Moltens for our bookkeeping. Sharyl Sheridan, their employee, has worked on our account. Molten's will no longer be doing payroll for Immanuel. Recently Sharyl has become independent and she has taken over that part of the business. Sheryl will continue doing Immanuel's payroll the same. The only change will be the business name which is now Affordable Bookkeeping.

Memorial Committee- The beautiful baby grand piano donated by Robin Chi-nander is in place and waiting to acclimate before being tuned. Memorial commit-tee should identify a process for requesting funds.

Christian Ed- Working on practices and rehearsing for the Christmas program December 16, 2018.

Communion and Secure Offering

Host for Pastor Richard Baumann December 30 - Don Noyes

January 6 - Don Noyes, Dana Johnson, Shannon Lindgren

January 20 - Lynn Schultz, Bob Stirling, Steve Peterson

Closed With Prayer. MSP to adjourn 9:10pm

Respectfully Submitted

Shannon Lindgren Council Secretary

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