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The Synod

People often wonder "How does the Synod help our congregation?" There are several ways that is happening this fall. Rev. Justin Grimm, Assistant to the Bishop, came here and met with young adults from our congregation about improving our ministry to young adults. He also met with Council members about increasing congregational vitality. These are areas that the congregation felt needed more emphasis as described in Vision 2020.

Each member of this congregation has the opportunity to meet with Becky Palmgren, the ELCA Regional Gift Planner for the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area Synods. She is available to us at no cost, to discuss smartest ways for dispersing personal assets. Whether you have a will or not, whether you have a little or a lot to pass on to the next generation, she can help you make the most of it.


The Synod is working with us to support our partnership with the Itonya congregation in Tanzania. Peter Harrits, from the Synod staff, was here in April. He is helping coordinate the effort to bring fresh water to our partners in Iringa.

Pastor Marla is now serving as the North Conference representative to the Synod Council (it is like a Church Council but for the Synod). If you have questions about what the Synod is doing or ideas you’d like to suggest, let her know. She will be happy to bring your thoughts and questions to the Synod Council.

This is not a complete list, but it gives you a sense of a few ways the Synod supports our ministry. We are Church together.

Make a Lasting Impact

ELCA Gift Planners provide assistance to members of the ELCA by discussing how to distribute assets using tools that will maximize gifts to family and ministries that are important to them. They make people aware of tools that will save on income and inheritance taxes, giving them a greater opportuni-ty to make a difference in this world. Private meetings are available with Becky Palmgren following worship on Sunday, October 8. Let Pastor Marla know if you would like to meet with her.

Becky Palmgren is a Gift Planner who is available to meet with members of Immanuel. There are no products or services to sell, and there is no charge for her services.

Several members of our congregation have met with her and found her to be very helpful including: Lynn Schultz, Martha and Martin Strecker, Clay Ryberg, and Steve and Lori Blomquist. They are happy to talk with you about their experience.

If you would like to meet with Becky, please let Pastor Marla know and we will arrange a time. Also watch the bulletin and future newsletters for dates when she will be here. She is available to make presentations to groups within the congregation. Let Pastor Marla know if your group would like to have her come for a presentation.

As everything we have comes from God, let us become good stewards of the gifts that the Lord has given each of us. The amount each of us have to distribute does not matter, it is what you want to accomplish with what you have to give that matters.

On Sunday, October 8 private meetings are available with Becky Palmgren following worship. Let Pastor Marla know if you would like to meet with her.